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MAZCATU is a textile company specialized in technical clothing. Our corporation is made of design and clothing professionals that, on top of that, are great sport enthusiasts. Our desire to thrive was born from that passion that ignites our constant search for the best possible performance and our commitment for teamwork.

We apply effort and cooperations, core elements of sport, into our philosophy. From a technical standpoint, we continuously invest in I+D+i to achieve the maximal specialization on fabrics, pattern making and finish that we apply on designed and tested kit by and for athletes: to perfectly adapt to their bodies and the sport they practice.

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The innovative patterns that we develop on our own factory and the fabrics we use are the best in the market and they guarantee perfect kit for canoeing, SUP, rowing, ocean ski and dragon boat.

La investigación y experiencia que adquirimos con nuestra línea de alto rendimiento, PPROTECH, la trasladamos también a las líneas ACTIVE and TEAM, perfectas para las equipaciones de clubes deportivos.

All our products are comfortable and durable, made with the most advanced technology in the textile industry.

We have the commitment of quality in the making of our products. Our implication goes above and beyond the thread and needle. Therefore, we have supported teams and athletes, from youth to masters and elite athletes, satisfying their equipment needs. Because we back you, because we get on the water with you.

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