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Thriving is our challenge

Our most demanding and ambitious range for professional athletes and high performance paddlers.


Our I+D+I brand Mazcatu

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The excellence in synthetic clothing for canoeing, SUP, rowing, ocean ski and dragon boat.

Just like you, we go above and beyond to thrive. That is the reason why we conduct research, design, and produce state of the art synthetic clothing to be up to your game and help you succeed.

Because you need the best features in your sports kits.

You need kits for high-end athletes, designed to contribute to temperature regulation, optimize your performance and stay safe in the most challenging conditions. Comfortable and good quality kits made with the latest technology in the textile industry.

Here they are. MAZCATU PROTECH.

Are you a club?

Custom tailored kits for sports clubs.

Nos contagias el compañerismo y arrimamos el hombro como un miembro más del equipo. Por eso nos dejamos el alma para resolver tus necesidades, tanto a nivel individual como colectivo.

Because you need kit that turn effort into victory.

You need kits so your club can win quality, comfort, features and price. Versatile kit, comfortable, tailored and adapted to everyone.

We have them. Active, Team and Protech.

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